Many thanks to Dave Barlow for the photo below of Wally Keay and his wife at what he thinks was the 3rd & 4th Years leaving do in 1976. Wally inspired many students to greater things in the Outdoor Activities Department.


Wally was an important national figure in Outdoor Education. He wrote books on navigation, mountain safety and leadership. He also was an active member for many years of the Wharfedale Fell Rescue, and helped set up the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team.

Lots of students will remember working with young people from Bradford Cinderella Club. Wally organised a “holiday” for these underprivileged children, while students got a taste of outdoor education teaching practise. A tremendous experience for the kids and young teachers alike.

Three lecturers can be seen on the right doing chores at Buckden House. Pointing at the camera is lecturer, rock climber, fell-runner, athlete, caver, canoeist and orienteer Pete Livesey.

Pete was known throughout the world for his rock climbing. A superb biography can be found at:- The Mountain Heritage Trust.

On the right with the dark blue tie is also Ray Stirling, Principal of the College from 1974. His daughter went with out with Glen Hoddle (England footy genius). The third lecturer I think is Tony Stuckey, head of science and keen outdoor activist.