Mick Balmer remembers

Mick Balmer was an Acland resident in 1974-75 and has kindly sent the above pic of him and Jerry on Acland Steps. The picture to the right is the same guys in 2008. I remember they had a tandem painted in Sunderland colours which they were very proud of. Mick recalls:-

We really did bring the tandem (red white & black) affectionately known as ‘Stokoe’ down from God’s own country. Hitched up and then rode it back.

I remember that we decided that a triumphal downhill arrival was de rigeur, so came via Cow & Calf and Dick Hudson’s rather than slogging up Park Road!! Also the old Sturmey Archer gear cable snapped at Yarm so we did the rest of the journey in a useless mid gear, hopeless down hill and impossible up!!
Stokoe then featured in several events, curry races against the minibus to the Kash, Rag day as a nag with Jerry as Damsel and me as heroic Knight, and as transport for the two of us to a union fancy dress do as the Bay City Vampires!!!!