The 1920s

1921 Miss Ethel A Spalding MA, Lecturer in History and Senior Lecturer at Goldsmith’s College, University of London, was appointed Principal.

1923 Approval was given for exchange visits to be made with students from Goldsmith’s College, London. Goats were first kept at College.

1924 Full inspection of the College by Inspectors of the Board of Education. A satisfactory report was received. A house was built on the back drive for the College Engineer.

1925 Quota of places reserved for candidates from the West Riding was raised to 50% because of the shortage of available places throughout the country.

1926 Quota of places was raised to sixty six and two thirds%, there were 262 applications for 65 vacancies for West Riding Students and 646 applications for 32 non West Riding places.

1926 A request from students to be allowed to smoke in the College was refused.

1927 Plans for the building of the Sanatorium were approved.

1928 Approval was given for the students to receive specialist swimming instruction at Bingley Swimming Baths on one afternoon weekly, during the summer term.

1928 Progress was made in transferring the responsibility of the Final Examinations in Training College from the Board of Education to the governing bodies of the of the Colleges in conjunction with representatives of the Universities. With other Yorkshire Training Colleges, Bingley was associated with the University of Leeds.

1928 English branch of the Bingley Old Student’s Association (BOSA) was formed.

1928 Owing to the continued shortage of Training College places the quota of places reserved for West Riding students was raised to 80%. The first recorded exchange of lecturers took place – one going to Cape Town and another to the USA.