The 1940s

1940 : Staff and students of Edge Hill College, Ormskirk were evacuated to the College. Appointments to the college restricted to women.

May 1941 : Some Year Two students from Hull Municipal Training College were evacuated to the college for a short time.

1942 : Two members of the Land Army were appointed to the gardening staff.

1943 : The students were given permission to play tennis and badminton on Sunday.

1944 : Mr CJ Bending was appointed as lecturer in gardening; this was the first time that a man was appointed to a full time post on the lecturing staff. The college laundry was closed.

1945 : Edge Hill Training College returned to Ormskirk at the end of the Autumn Term.

1946 : Eighty additional students were admitted to the College. Miss Catherine Fletcher resigned.

1947 : Miss HM Duncan was appointed as principal. Miss HE Allison was appointed as the first Vice-Principal.

1947 : The provision of a central kitchen and dining room was considered. The provision of a shooting brake or similar vehicle was considered.

1948 : The report on, and estimates for, the kitchen-dining room were presented and approved. The University of Leeds Institute of Education draft ordinances were prepared.

1948 : The following resolution was referred to the Policy Sub-Committee:- “It is resolved that the appointment of men, as well as women, to non-resident posts on the lecturing staff be approved”.

1949 : It was suggested that the number of places might be increased to 275 (25 more than the figure recommended by the Ministry of Education).

1949 : Plans for the kitchen-dining room were approved; the work to proceed as a matter of urgency. (Owing to delays and monetary restriction it was impossible to proceed with the plans).

1949 : The grassing down of all areas being used for vegetables was approved. The purchase of a shooting barke was recommended. Repairs to the heating installations in the Halls was approved.